How to Opt Out

Online Advertisements

You may see ads for Helix on third-party websites. Some of our ads displayed on other websites will have an AdChoices icon inside the ad. Clicking on the icon inside the ad will allow you to opt out of interest-based advertising for the third-party platform that is delivering the ad. Learn more about AdChoices and how interest-based advertising works.

To opt out of all cookie-based, interest-based advertising, click the “Opt Out” button below.

Success! You have opted out.

Note: If you choose to opt out, a cookie will be placed on your browser or device indicating your preference. This cookie is specific to a particular browser and device. So if you use different browsers or devices, you will need to opt out on each. In addition, because the opt out is facilitated by cookies, if you clear your cookies on your browser or device, you will need to opt out again.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information about our use of cookies, online tracking, and interest-based advertising choices.


To opt out of email communications, click the unsubscribe link provided in the footer of any of our emails.

In addition, you can call or email customer service at 800.619.5309 or

SMS Text

To opt out of SMS text communications, reply with any of the following to any text you have received from Helix:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT