Applying for a New Installment Loan

How the Process Works and When You Become Eligible

For Current Customers

You can only have one loan at a time with Helix. Therefore, if you have an outstanding balance on your Helix loan (or your final payment has not yet cleared), you are not currently eligible to receive additional funds.

However, as soon as your existing Helix loan is paid in full, you become eligible for a new loan and could receive an even larger amount at a lower rate. We will notify you by email and through your Online Client Portal when your new offer is available.

Remember that you can make additional payments or pay off your loan at any time without any additional fees or penalty.

For Returning Customers

If you’ve already paid your Helix loan in full (and final payment has cleared), getting your next loan with Helix is even faster and easier. To get started, simply log in to your Online Client Portal and click the “Get New Offer” button at the top of your dashboard.

  1. Confirm the account information we already have on file.
  2. Review your new offer and select your loan amount.
  3. Sign your new online loan agreement and get your money within one business day.